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​​​1999 Super Ximango

$99,000 - very clean 81 hp with winglets

2002 Super Ximango "S" Version

$135,000 - pristine low-time 100 hp w/ILEC SN-10

2005 Super Ximango "S" Version

$149,500 - great avionics and options

Steve Sliwa's beautiful Ximango under power near our home 'drome at Spruce Creek, Florida

Goodyear 5.00 x 4  MAIN GEAR TIRES

The lofty price on these tires keeps rising.  We have acquired a supply and are offering them to Ximango Owners at significant savings -  $300 each plus freight to you.
Ximango USA
The ultimate recreational flying machine  - Private Pilot Magazine

Pre-Owned Ximangos


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