​​​SPECIAL - 1999 Super Ximango

$95,000 - very clean 81 hp with winglets, strobes

COMING - 2004 Super Ximango 200S
SOLD - 2002 Super Ximango "Sport" Version
$135,000 - pristine low-time 100 hp w/ILEC SN-10
NEW - 2007 Super Ximango 200S

$150,000 - Dual EFIS, LX Soaring Computer

Ximango USA is your one-stop source for Ximango aircraft, factory parts, factory-approved tech support and maintenance, plus all the lore that comes with providing Ximango business leadership, worldwide, for 20 years.

Steve Sliwa's beautiful Ximango under power near our home 'drome at Spruce Creek, Florida

Pre-Owned Ximangos

Ximango USA
The ultimate recreational flying machine  - Private Pilot Magazine

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